Bobbi N. Tucker, CRA

Bobbi Tucker
Grants & Contract Manager

Contact Information:

Office Location

156 Jones Research Building

Bobbi has worked at Duke since September 2000 primarily in accounting and financial management support roles. As a research administrator, she provides support to the department’s faculty and students, including, but not limited to pre and post award management.

Job Duties

Bobbi’s primary faculty members are Drs. Maria Ciofani, Carolyn Coyne, Michael Krangel, Mari Shinohara, and Raphael Valdivia.

  • Serves as the lead research administrator advising staff, faculty and research staff on proposal guidelines, performs administrative review of proposals, ensures compliance with sponsor guidelines and submits proposals for Central Office review and approval.
  • Analyzes budgets, financial reports and projections for accurate reporting of department’s financial standing.
  • Collaborates with Central Offices to assist with contract negotiations, amendments, agreement execution and compliance with institutional and sponsor requirements.


  • Certification of Research Administration Institute, Leadership Series (RAI-LS), June 2020
  • Certification of Research Administrator, RACC, May 2015
  • Certification of Advanced Grant Management, May 2012
  • Bachelor of Business Administration, May 2005