Postdoctoral Training

Pursuing Postdoctoral Positions at Duke

Candidates for Postdoctoral training should contact faculty members to apply for positions whose research interests match their own. See our faculty for research interests and contact information for individual faculty members. Faculty often post available positions on their laboratory websites. Also, consider joining our LinkedIn page for job opportunities.

Postdoctoral fellows at Duke are considered employees under the terms of the Duke University Postdoctoral Policy. All fellows must adhere to our  Responsible Conduct of Research Policies.

Resources for Postdoctoral Fellows

Office of Postdoctoral Services

The Office of Postdoctoral Services serves Postdoctoral Associates and Scholars. They have dedicated staff to serve as liaisons between postdoctoral trainees, faculty, administrators, and staff. They also offer resources for international postdocs preparing to come to Duke, provide orientation seminars, compile funding mechanisms, develop career development programs, and organize social engagement activities to build a community for trainees across the Medical Center and University.

Duke University Postdoctoral Association

The Duke University Postdoctoral Association (DUPA) organizes social activities and provides professional networking opportunities for postdocs at all stages of their training. DUPA partners with the Office of Postdoctoral Services to address the needs and concerns of postdocs and offer programs to build successful careers.

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