Todd Leovic

Todd Leovic headshot
Chief Administrative Officer

Contact Information:

Office Location

156 Jones Research Building

Todd joined the Department fall of 2006. He has over 35 years of experience at Duke in financial management, pre- and post-award grant experience, and human resource skills. Todd participated in the development of the Duke University Financial Management certification program, (FMC) to provide financial and business administrators with a body of knowledge so that they are responsible custodians for the funds they manage.

Job Duties

Todd provides administrative direction and coordination in the formulation, interpretation and administration of current and long-range policies, procedures and programs within the Department.

  • Responsible for planning departmental budget needs, determining fiscal requirements and maintaining an interface with departmental personnel to coordinate operational activities.
  • Maintains liaison with all levels of administration, faculty and outside organizations to coordinate departmental business, accomplish directives and facilitate the resolution of problems.
  • Oversees two Core Facilities: The Cell Culture and Flow Core.


Duke University Financial Management certification program, (FMC)

The FMC program provides certification to individuals who complete the multiple training classes and testing of their understanding of all aspects of financial and business administration.