Duke Cell Culture & DNA Analysis Facility

The Duke University DNA Analysis Facility is a shared resource that provides access to an integrated set of DNA analysis services that support the research efforts of both basic science and clinical investigators at Duke University.

The combination of services available from this facility include: Sanger DNA sequencing assays, many kinds of capillary fluorescent fragment analysis, real-time genotyping and gene expression qPCR for the study of gene structure and expression studies, cell line authentication assays, sample preparation services, and custom projects.

Genomic Services

  • Lowest cost on Duke campus
  • Optional on-campus delivery available via CCS delivery service

How to order IDT products

  • Human Cell Line Authentication by STR Profiling
  • Genotyping - Microsatellites, STR's, RFLP's
  • Custom Projects
  • ABI 7500 fast self-service instrument
  • TaqMan® SYBR® Green
  • SNP genotyping, gene expression
  • Robotic AMPure PCR Fragment Purification
  • Automated Qiagen Plasmid DNA Preps
  • Automated gDNA Preps - mouse tail, blood, other tissues
  • We can use almost any Qiagen sample prep kit

Custom Projects

  • Contact the facility about your custom project needs

Please contact the DNA Analysis Facility with any questions or for more information:

207 Research Drive, Room135 Jones Building, Box 3010
Durham, NC 27710